Many attorneys have retained my services in the development and litigation of cases in Admiralty, Federal and State Courts, Arbitration and Mediation procedures. As a Master Marine Surveyor, I have experience with vessel construction, warranty issues, personal injury and safety at sea. I can provide technical review of the case at hand surveying the vessel and reviewing technical data relative to the complaint. I can recommend further expert involvement such as naval architects, stability experts, repairers, experts in composite materials, metallurgy, machinery, metallic stress analysis; and I can work with the experts and with you in interpreting their findings as they relate to your case.

In cases involving personal injury such as slip and fall for example, I will survey the conditions on board and interview all persons involved to determine all conditions that existed with impact on your case.

I have been very successful in a number of cases over the years providing expert witness service, and I will recommend appropriate other expert witnesses associates that will help your case.

I excel in the review of depositions and testimony, and help you to understand related technical information, inconsistencies or inaccuracies presented. When your case involves collision, accident, fire, or questions of fact, I can conduct accident reconstruction and review the incident with appropriate civil authorities and investigators. I will analyze and document my findings, applying the relevant NMMA, USCG, ABYC, NFPA, and all maritime standards to the situation.

Whether you represent the ship owner, passengers, yacht manufacturer, or vessel owner you will find my experience, professionalism, technical knowledge, and objective analysis invaluable in the preparation and execution of the case. I emphasize that I do not conduct joint surveys with other Marine Surveyors or Marine Adjusters.

When you handle divorces or estates which include yachts, ships and marinas, you need a clear and objective Accredited and Certified Master Marine Surveyor and Appraisers' report that will stand up in court. As a member of Navtech/U.S. Surveyors and the Association of Certified Marine Surveyors with more than 35 years of maritime experience you will want me working with you and your client's interest.


When your client is in a situation of claim dispute, whether the insurer or the owner, you need an Experienced, Accredited, Certified & Registered Marine Surveyor to document the case, review repair costs and invoicing, and provide expert support. Take a moment to review my references and credentials. A list of law firms available on request.


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